Election 2010: Some Digital Execs Attack Lib-Lab Economic Agenda

If you’ve lost count of the number of businessmen to have signed letters backing David Cameron on his opposition to National Insurance expansion, well, add another 55 today.

Just as it’s a hung parliament Conservatives are now campaigning against, the entrepreneurs sent a letter to today’s Times savaging economic proposals of a possible Labour-Lib Dem coalition. You may know some of the signatories from the digital media world…

They include…

— Rob Lewis, Executive Chairman, Omnifone (pictured)

— Julie Meyer, CEO, Ariadne Capital

— Adrian Workman, CEO, VidZone Digital Media

— Frank Taubert Co-Founder & CEO, 24-7 Entertainment

— Michael Buckley, Co-founder, Cashcade

— Ralph Simon, CEO, Mobilium

— Stephen Kendall-Lane, Chairman & CEO, Music Video Messages

— Tim Clark, Founder & CEO, ieMusic

— Tom Bureau, CEO, Magicalia