BBC Goes Horizontal, Remaining Redesigns Coming Soon

It was back in March that Erik Huggers first previewed upcoming redesigns for the BBC News and BBC Sport websites, including their first ever significant navigation overhaul. Now, for you design geeks, here’s the first working example of a horizontal nav bar, in the BBC’s new World Cup 2010 site…

Viewed through a proxy, there are not yet any ads served to overseas users on the site – a good opportunity during the World Cup. Update: Craig McGinty comments: “Viewing from France, I’m seeing an Emirates ad just above the group tables and a Google (NSDQ: GOOG) Ads block in bottom right, just below the RSS button.”

The new design makes the site inconsistent with the rest of the BBC News and Sport network, at least for now. Huggers said the remaining redesign, previewed below, is coming “in 2010-11”

Also new today – a network-wide top nav bar (also horizontal) that draws better attention to six key areas – launched on the homepage and the Doctor Who website.