Spotify Community ShareMyPlaylists Has Six-Figure Funding To Go Proper

When it first launched, Spotify said there was no need for it to add social sharing features, because there were already social networks and dedicated playlist-sharing sites to do just that.

So it’s ironic that news one of the biggest Spotify playlist sites has found some venture funding was buried when it was issued on April 27 – because Spotify unveiled its own big social features on the same day.

TechCrunch found the line, and founder Kieron Donoghue confirmed to paidContent:UK that he’s taken a “six-figure” investment from affiliate network’s founders Steven Brown, David Brown, Malcolm Cowley and Paul Fellows.

The site plugs an oft-cited gap in Spotify’s own proposition, which includes millions of great tracks under the hood but little discoverability on-ramp. Uers have shared 18,660 Spotify playlists with the site, and has begun working with the industry, promoting R.E.M.’s last album with a playlist; even Courtney Love is sharing her favourite music (“I