CNN’s Skype Deal Broke UK TV Regulation

Two weeks ago, CNN International was reprimanded by Ofcom because its CNN YouTube Debate on Climate Change programme broke rules barring sponsorship of news programmes and product placement.

Just two weeks later, the UK media regulator is again warning the network on a near identical charge. It says Skype’s sponsorship of the Connector Of The Day segment in host Becky Anderson’s Connect The World show contravened rule 9.1 of the UK’s Broadcasting Code, which outlaws sponsorship of news programmes.

Skype has recently been looking for media alliances. It ran this ad during the show, but it was about more than just an ad spot – like the YouTube case, the show also invited viewers to contribute by sending their views using the VoIP software…

While CNN owner Turner escaped sanction for the YouTube breach (Ofcom merely recorded the offence against Turner’s broadcasting license), the regulator is now angrier following the repeat offence. It says:

“Ofcom has significant concerns with Turner