Mobile Agency Group MIG Buying Response Facilitator Piri

Seems there’s still room for consolidation in the mobile marketing space. In the UK, Mobile Interactive Group (MIG) – which already operates app-making, backend and marketing companies – is buying Piri, whose infrastructure supports mobile response for media and marketing companies, primarily by SMS.

MIG isn’t disclosing the price but says it’s buying Manchester-based, four-year-old Piri to take advantage of this backend, which enables broadcast, user profiling, response, competitions, voting and payments.

Piri also develops mobile Flash apps, perhaps suggesting that line isn’t entirely a dead end after all. Clients include the BBC, Loot magazine and radio stations.

It will also give MIG a base of its on in the north of England. Piri’s technology will be incorporated in to MIG’s.

MIG’s company already incorporates mobile ad agency 4th Screen Advertising, digital brand agency NewToy and other divisions.