Transcript: Hunt Redirects IFNC Money To Broadband Stimulus

New Conservative culture secretary used a speech at London’s Hospital Club to make these policy commitments…

— Fastest broadband in Europe within four/five years.

— Three market-testing projects, led by Broadband Delivery UK, to scope out superfast broadband for the whole country.

— Other telcos, not just BT (NYSE: BT), must open their ducts to broadband competitors. Further plans on stimulating infrastructure competition due July 15.

— The previous government’s Independently-Funded News Consortia idea isn’t going to happen.

— Hunt is redirecting the IFNC money to the broadband project.

Here’s the full transcript from the DCMS, with my emphasis…

Thank you for coming today. And thanks too to Will and The Hospital Club for hosting this event, and for all the great work they are doing to celebrate, support and nurture some of our most exciting creative talent.

Thank you to the people who played a great role to implement media policy, Jacqui Devereux, Roger Parry, Claire Enders and also to the team at DCMS for their professionalism in coping with the change of government.

I wanted to set out this government