Chart: Which UK Newspaper Sites Have The Most Engaged Readers

Mail Online’s celeb gossip and’s news-‘n-views are drawing more readers for longer visits than any other UK national newspaper website.

Though most of the newspapers’ worldwide readers come via one-off search results (as we reported Monday), when you strip out readers who only stay for one page view, you can see which sites are proving stickiest…

In total, readers hang around for longest, but Mail Online readers are more likely to stay for upwards of 10 minutes. This data is from the Newspaper Marketing Agency’s April online analytics.

But factoring the one-page readers back in makes clear that nearly two thirds of domestic UK newspaper website readers are still just hopping in to individual stories…

But Associated Newspapers executives in April told investors half of Mail Online’s traffic is direct hits – outperforming the above market. The site will eschew charging online because, they said, it “is now big enough to make the advertising model pay”.

Mail Online extended its lead amongst the pack in May by amassing 42.3 million monthly or 2.39 million daily unique browsers (figs: ABCe).