Express Tinkering With iPad Pricing

A couple of weeks after hitting the iPad at £7.99 a month, the Daily Express has halved the price to £4.99 for what it says is a “limited offer”.

Many publishers are right now tinkering with pricing in their tablet strategies, since it’s so early in the game.

The Express’ iPad app includes replicas of the daily and Sunday papers. It’s this for which the month-in-advance subscription is required. Integrated live news feeds, which you might say are more suited to the device, are free thereafter.

It was originally due to cost £1.79 for download plus upfront integrated subscription for the replicas.

Both the £7.99 price and the offer price work out cheaper than the total £16 cost for weekday, Saturday and Sunday print editions of the Express.

The Express’ app is currently #6 in the paid iPad news app section of Apple’s UK iTunes Store.