@ paidContent Mobile: American BBC Subscribers Devouring Radio 4

Remember BBC Listener, the $12.99-a-quarter iPhone app BBC Worldwide launched in to the U.S. in May?

We don’t know how popular it’s been yet, but turns out users who have subscribed are using it a lot..

“We’re not breaking (subscription) out, but we’re seeing strong engagement,” BBC.com Americas SVP Miranda Cresswell told our paidContent Mobile conference in New York on Tuesday. “Close to an hour on session length for that app – which is phenomenal.”

BBC Listener packages up BBC Radio’s intelligent talk and documentary programming from the public-service UK BBC for on-demand, downloadable playback in the States.

The free app is currently #70 in the U.S. iTunes Store’s free news apps chart, though it’s unclear how many people pay for the in-app subscriptions.

User session length of an hour is unlike much else one hears about, and it wasn’t clear if Cresswell was giving an average session length across all users, or a maximum length.

One way you can think of the engagement – two half-hour radio programmes listened to on a morning commute.