Vodafone Took £1.2 Billion From Data In Q2

Vodafone’s March-to-June data consumption income grew 25.4 percent from last year to £1.2 billion.

In its native UK, mobile internet income even offset the negative impact of recent call price cuts enforced by the European Commission, which have been hurting telcos.

Specifically, group-wide mobile internet revenue is up 57 percent, while mobile broadband is up 24 percent.

European data volumes are up a hefty 115 percent, but Voda says average peak hour 3G use is about 38 percent of capability.

Voda is celebrating that service revenue is up (1.1 percent to £10.5 billion or $16 billion) for the first time since the downturn hit.

The core voice revenue is down only marginally, by 0.1 percent to £6.9 billion. All other segments (messaging, data, fixed-line and other) are up.

Voda says it agreed with UK tax authorities yesterday to pay £1.25 billion to settle a nine-year-old dispute surrounding foreign tax payable.

But Voda lost 163,000 net customers, taking it down to 18,854,000, for a 15.5 percent churn rate for monthly contracts (still less than in previous quarters).

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