Research: Brits Less Likely To Pay For Websites

Another week, another study on people’s proclivity to pay for online content. KPMG’s annual Consumers & Convergence global survey shows…

If a free “site” with “online content” introduced charges, 81 percent of its frequent UK users would go elsewhere. KPMG says “only” 19 percent would be prepared to pay – but that sounds very high to me.

And, anyway, what’s a “site”? That’s a very broad metric on which to judge.

Anyway, KPMG says folks in other countries are even more likely – globally, 43 percent of people say they would pay…

In the UK…

— Games: 50 percent would pay.
— Music: 44 percent would pay.
— Video: 35 percent would pay.

KPMG isn’t giving a stat for actual news content, at least not in its press release.

— 74 percent would accept ads on computer screens in exchange for cheaper content.
— That’s 56 percent for mobiles.