Q2 Rajars: Still No Boom In Online Listening

Just 2.9 percent of radio listening is done on the internet, according to the industry’s Q2 Rajars.

That’s slowly up from 2.2 percent in Q2 2009, so there’s certainly no web radio boom relative to other listening methods

Some 12.5 percent of adults say they have listened to radio via mobile phone, but this figure is not about regular mobile consumption.

It’s 15-24-year-olds who most use mobile to listen – 29.8 percent have listened this way, 14 percent of them once a week, 2.6 percent of them daily.

Radio listening via digital (including DAB, digital TV and internet) is up from 21.1 percent last year to 24.6 percent of the total this time.

Rajar is claiming a record-breaking quarter for total radio consumption, reaching 90.6 percent of the population in Q2, up by 500,000 listeners on last year and by 300,000 listeners on the previous quarter.

DAB ownership is up 7.6 percent from last year to 18.2 million adults (over a third of the population).