Growing Euromoney Buying Again; A Retail Database

DMGT’s Euromoney investment magazine and website is acquiring a premium database of retail investment products, by buying up the site’s operator.

The publisher says it’s buying Arete Consulting, owner of, in line with its strategy of “investing in high-growth online subscription data businesses”.

The acquisition price isn’t disclosed, although DMGT says it will be dependent on Arete’s profits for the year ending February 2011. Arete has gross assets of £1.1 million.

For Euromoney, it’s a return to acquisitions since buying Metal Bulletin and Total Derivatives back in 2006.

Arete says lists 1.3 million retail products.

Euromoney had proved its resilience, with strong subscription maintenance, in the run-up to the downturn, but was slightly affected.

Now it’s back to growth. Q3 revenue was back up 16 percent compared with last year to £97.9 million, with subscription income coming up five percent and advertising back 15 percent, it recently reported.