UK National Papers Lose 5.59 Percent Of Circs In A Year

Average February-to-July circulation for UK national daily newspapers slipped 5.59 percent from a year ago, according to *ABC* figures for the period.

Print decline is slower than in the U.S., where November-to-March circulations were down 8.75 percent, according to April’s *ABC* FAS-FAX.

Average July circulation was down 0.81 percent from June.

The so-called “quality” titles fell the hardest, by 12.1 percent from last year, including The Times down 14.75 percent to 502,588 and The Guardian down 15.03 percent to 286,220.

Popular dailies are faring best, down 3.11 percent from last year. Sundays are down 7.21 percent.