Ofcom CMR 2010: Media Multi-Tasking Means More Of Almost Everything

Ofcom has dumped a load of data online in its latest, wide-ranging, annual Communications Market Report.

Charts from the online section are below; others here. Some highlights…

— “Among 16-24s, over half (52 percent) of their media activity is simultaneous, compared to just over one fifth (22 percent) for people aged over 55″ (more via Guardian.co.uk).

— “For the fifth year in a row spending on communications services has decreased.”

— “Viewers watched an average of three hours and 45 minutes of television a day in 2009, three percent more than in 2004” (more via Guardian.co.uk).

— “Social networking accounts for nearly a quarter of all time spent on the internet.”

— “The average Facebook user spent 6.5 hours on the site during May 2010.”

— “Usage of instant messaging declined from 14 per cent to 5 per cent.”