Is $10 The Magic Number In Online Publishing?

A growing school of thought in online publishing holds that, when you get down to brass tacks, more important than size of audience is scale of revenue.

So a metric telcos and pay TV operators have used for years – average revenue per user (ARPU) – is gaining interest among publishers keen to understand their business, and to change it accordingly.

Seattle-based Scout Analytics, which provides websites with services to track and segment audiences and to calculate the effective income users represent, says it has an idea how much money publishers need to make from readers or advertisers each year…

Our clients are trying to get to that $10 figure,” strategy SVP Matt Shanahan tells paidContent:UK. “We haven’t seen many companies under $6 per reader per year.”

Shanahan had noticed our article last week reporting a rare online ARPU disclosure from Norwegian publisher Media Norge – two Norwegian kroner per month; that