Rev-Share Retailer Shutting Down, an online music retailer which invites users to create their own on-site storefronts, is closing down.

The site, launched in 2009 by Ged Day, the founder of electronic label Warp Records’ innovative Bleep store along, with Bleep content manager Ed Underwood, rewarded operators for curating their own storefronts from its available songs, by giving them a free track for every 10 tracks bought through their page.

But has remained in a somewhat indie niche. Day and Underwood emailed users…

“It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I write this. Unfortunately, Ed and I have made the difficult decision to take our company in a different direction and so have decided to take offline. This is something that has loomed over us for a while now, and I am happy to say that we really did hold on for as long as we could given the circumstances, but it has now reached the point where we must consider alternative routes.

“As of 31st August, we stopped taking card and PayPal payments on site and have ceased adding new content. We will be archiving the site on Friday (10th Sept), giving you enough time to have one last browse around at all the wonderful stores created by our storekeepers. Be sure to drop in and leave a shout farewell in all your favourite stores.

“We would like to thank everyone who had any involvement with People’s Music Store – our friends, family, staff, storekeepers, fans, labels, distributors, investors and anyone who contributed to this project. We really did have a great time creating and developing the service and wouldn’t change that for the world.”