Do Publishers See More Pay Potential On Web Than On Mobile?

It seemed that some publishers were reaching a point at which their long-developed websites would be regarded as poor earners, with more earning potential in replicating on tablets ye olde model of paying for a regular edition of content one can carry under one’s arm.

That certainly seems to be the view at places like News International, which, whilst it’s firmly fixed on profiting on the web through charging, is wondering, longer-term, about a migration of readers from print to tablet.

But the findings in the uk Association of Online Publishers‘ (AOP) latest half-year census of its 36 board and affiliate members suggests publications’ websites are uppermost in paid content thinking…

“When identifying opportunities for monetising content by platform, 38% of publishers predominantly see their own website as the main platform for paid content, with an almost equal split view between iPad/eReaders and tablets (19%) and mobile apps from publishers