Updated: The Contraction Of IPC: A List Of Sell-Offs So Far

IPC Media is off-loading two more magazines in its great right-sizing of 2010. This time, it’s Model Collector and Stamp Magazine being sold to MyHobbyStore, the cross-platform publisher and retailer.

MyHobbyStore is both an ecommerce seller of hobby-related merchandise around the world and a publisher of specialist consumer magazines in the same fields.

Here are IPC’s sell-offs to date…

Cage & Aviary Birds to Kelsey Publishing

Guitar & Bass to Anthem Publishing

— World Soccer, Racecar Engineering and Classic Boat to Chelsea Magazines (reportedly)

Loaded, Superbike, Prediction and HiFi News to Vitality (reportedly 1 & 2)

Web User magazine to Dennis

Aeroplane, Mini World, Ships Monthly and Park Home & Holiday Caravan to Kelsey Publishing

— Caravan to Warners Group Publications.

— Model Collector and Stamp Magazine to MyHobbyStore.

— Loaded, Superbike, Prediction and Hair to Vitality Publishing.