AOL Calls Media Director Shing To Be Its ‘Digital Prophet’

AOL’s European team is going through still more executive changes. David Shing, who was picked this February to run both Media and Marketing in the continent, is being called to New York, where he is promoted to a role AOL’s calling “digital prophet”.

What does that involve? “David will be working across both North American and International territories to identify new opportunities for the business and assist in building the external profile of the company,” AOL (NYSE: AOL) says.

In Shing’s wake…

— Media: European media director Julian Downing left this month after seven months. Publishing director Dan Bolger and editor-in-chief Carla Bevan will run the UK team.

— Marketing: European business ops director Emma Newman will run the team.

The introduction of AOL’s Project Devil advertising strategy means its European creative solutions unit, run by Scott Williams has been moved to sit under sales; Williams also left earlier this month to set up his own company, Uloo, a digital consulting agency.

New AOL Europe head Kate Burns, a Bebo alum, picked Shing, AOL Europe’s marketing director, to lead European media and marketing this February. The whole executive team has been in flux for a year or more.

AOL’s Media team has today rebooted Fanhouse, its football fan content site, to encompass more sports.