Video: Sunday Times’ iPad Edition Coming With With £1.79 Single-Issue Cost

The Sunday Times‘ iPad edition is due to debut this coming Sunday – price: free to print-and-digital annual Times subscribers, free to £2-a-week digital subscribers, or £1.79 per single edition.

That’s a premium on the £1 daily website rate though, of course, a discount on the print cover price.

The iPad edition of the weekday and Saturday Times is free to print-and-digital subscribers or digital customers or £9.99 a week by itself.

The Sunday app will include a carousel offering all 12 of the paper’s supplements for individual download, plus a TV and radio guide. Also expect engaging versions of the infographics the Times already does pretty well in print.

One thing the iPad edition can’t replicate is the ritual of spreading the weighty Sunday Times package across the bed, kitchen table or sofa and sharing supplements with family members.

One subscriber at the paper’s website comments: “Newspapers used to transfer black smudges to our fingers as we touched the pages. Now our fingers are transferring greasy smudges to pristine glass screens as we turn pages electronically. The perpetual buffing up of the smudged screen is the downside. Is this progress?”