With YouView Nearly Built, CTO Rose Exits

It seems YouView’s first-phase technology build is drawing to a close, even if precious few people have seen anything other than mock-ups.

The UK IPTV JV’s chief technology officer Anthony Rose, who had joined in March, is leaving, although there’s no mention of a next role for him.

After Rose, Youssef Tuma is being named head of delivery, while Rose will continue as a technical adviser. Former BT (NYSE: BT) Vision ops director and ntl ops head Andrew Burdess is joining as YouView’s operations director.

YouView tells us: “The technology team has already successfully defined the technical environment, built the user interface, established a framework for content providers and developed the core technical specifications for developing YouView set top boxes.”

The BBC hired Rose, then CTO of KaZaA’s developer, to head its digital technology in 2007. Finishing as Future Media & Technology’s controller for BBC Vision and online, he’s the technical brains man responsible for the network that underlies iPlayer.

Greg McCall remains YouView’s launch director and Jeff Hunter continues as chief architect.

Says CEO Richard Halton: “These changes are about strengthening our technology and operations teams to ensure we deliver YouView in good time and in great shape. We are ensuring that in key project management areas such as technology and operations we are expanding capacity to ensure we meet the demands of this exciting project.

“As we move into this next phase of our development I want to pay tribute to the brilliant work Anthony Rose has done to shape the consumer proposition and I am pleased that he has agreed to continue to advise the project.

“We are delighted Sef is being seconded into our leadership team. He has a hugely impressive track record of successfully delivering major integration projects in our industry. We now have a highly experienced technical delivery team committed to developing an exciting new service.”