FWIW: Cardle Has iTunes #1, Biffy Bigger Than The Beatles

Here’s the iTunes Store UK top songs chart, 10 hours after X Factor winner Matt Cardle’s single went on sale through the store at midnight…

Predictably, Cardle is already iTunes’ top seller – but his cover of Biffy Clyro’s track also means a halo effect for the Scottish rock act (as well as others), which has four tracks in the top 200, including two versions of the song to which Cardle paid homage.

In fact, Clyro have more tracks in the top 200 than The Beatles, despite Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) also paying top dollar to advertise their exclusive Fab Four repertoire during ITV’s talent show this weekend.

There’s no sign of this year’s apparently-anointed anti-X Factor track by John Cage. There’s a week to go for counter-culture revolutionaries to upset this year’s Christmas No. 1 apple cart again.