More Property Site Consolidation: Zoopla Buying

Zoopla, which last month raised £3.25 million funding and debt, is again buying itself a bigger shot in the ongoing online property classifieds war.

It’s buying, an eponymous web database of historical property sale prices, for an undisclosed amount.


Zoopla will keep the site separate though will include links through to Zoopla, according to the press release via TechCrunch. But it’s hard to imagine Zoopla won’t inject’s price data in to Zoopla itself.

Zoopla already bought certain assets of Extate operator BytePlay and Propertyfinder in the last couple of years.

Zoopla was running third in the sector last time we checked with comScore (NSDQ: SCOR) last summer… The money raised in December was partially to put in to marketing.