Domino’s iPhone App Sells £1 Million In Pizza In Just Three Months

When you need pizza fast, you need pizza fast. According to Domino’s

“We have continued to see excellent growth in e-commerce sales during the year, supported by the introduction of our iPhone ordering app and increased activity in the social media arena.

“Since its launch in September 2010, over £1 ($1.56) million of sales in the UK have been taken through the iPhone app.

E-commerce sales for the year in the UK and Republic of Ireland were £128.0 ($200.04)m (2009: £78.5 ($122.68)m), an increase of 63.0% (2009: 40.4%), and now account for 35.8% of UK delivered sales (2009: 27.8%).

“With the impending launch of an ordering app for Android phones, these figures are expected to continue to rise.”

Domino’s has taken orders via its website for some time now but, for an impulse purchase, lugging out the laptop can be a pain – however, there’s clearly plenty of potential in mobile and tablet ordering.