FT’s Paid Digital Subs Up 71 Percent In A Year

The Financial Times released its own audience figures…

  • “206,892 paying digital subscribers … up 71% year on year.”
  • Daily print circulation: 390,121 (ABC: Dec 2010) – was 485,102 in 2000.

The digital figure is for online-only subscribers, and omits newspaper subscribers, who receive digital access (£519.48).

It therefore includes standard (£233.48) and premium (£337.48) consumer subscriptions and enterprise subscriptions from corporates like banks to the publisher’s platform-agnostic model, and e-reader subs on devices like Kindle.

We know FT Publishing made £130 million from digital in 2009, which it finished with about 120,500 digital subs. So expect a corresponding income increase from 2010.

The iPad app was downloaded 430,000 times between April and October and was responsible for about a tenth of the new subs taken over the year, CEO John Ridding said recently.