Leaderboard: Europe’s Biggest Tech Exits

Europe’s digital media economy is doing just fine, if investor returns are anything to go by – Lovefilm is only one of 13 online software companies which have, in the last three years, exited at valuations over $250 million, according to one of the VCs behind the deal.

Balderton partner Dharmash Mistry shared with us his own tally of European success stories (larger version here)…


A recent trend has seen Atlas switching focus away from Europe to Boston and Index, whilst remaining UK based, opening a full-time Bay Area outpost.

Mistry tells us: “The industry is increasingly global. We are very much European-centric, but global. A third of our portfolio is based outside of Europe.

“These are software businesses – once you’ve built them, they’re pretty scalable on a global basis. It’s no surprise many of us are spending much of our time building global companies.”