‘Paywalls’: NPR Has A Look, Telegraph Reportedly To Switch

Remember the great Free Vs Paid debate of 2010? Here, NPR reporter David Folkenflik digs in to Times Newspapers’ strategy…


Times project leader Julia Kennard, in the NPR report: : “When you frame it within a free Internet world, you obviously go, you know, initially, you kind of why are you asking me to pay for this. But when you frame it within the debate of you’ve always paid for it when you read the newspaper, then they start to work that out then they really do change very quickly.”

Meanwhile, Brand Republic reports: “Telegraph Media Group is set to announce details of a metered website in the spring, with the launch pencilled in for September.” That’s despite TMG, just like back in November, telling it: “Absolutely no decisions have been made on the introduction of a paid-content model.”