The Top 30 Russian Internet Business People

Russia’s internet scene is booming, with online population up 50x in the last 11 years, increasingly active domestic digital actors and growing investment interests in big overseas players like Facebook and Zynga. But who are the key players?

Forbes’ Russian edition has compiled the RuNet’s top 30 digital figures

  1. Yuri Milner, DST Global/ Group
  2. Leonid Boguslavsky, ru-Net Holdings
  3. Alexander Galitsky, Almaz Capital Partners
  4. Victor Remsha, Finam
  5. Ratmir Timashev, Andrew Baron, ABRT Venture Fund
  6. Alisher Usmanov, DST Global, Group,, SUP Fabrik
  7. Paul Durov, VKontakte
  8. Andrei Andreyev, SpyLog, Begun, Mamba, Badoo
  9. Efim and Semyon Voinov, Zeptolab
  10. Elena Masolova, DarBerry, Pixonic, AddVenture

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