Mac App Store Revenue Already Half Of iPad’s

In its second month of availability, Apple’s Mac App Store clocked up sales revenue that was already half that from iPad apps, according to mobile analytics agency Distimo’s latest report

That’s because average price amongst the top 300 paid apps on Mac App Store ($11.21) is far higher than on iPad ($4.19) or iPhone ($1.57). Free apps are far less prevalent on Mac App Store.

In fact, the majority of apps in Distimo’s Mac App Store February U.S. top 10 are apps published by Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) itself, including the $79 Aperture photography tool, which likely skews the average.

Mobile app vendors shouldn’t necessarily fret – the takeaway is that desktop and laptop users are naturally more inclined to buy the more expensive, productivity applications which are designed for those machines.

Mac App Store has 2,225 apps, compared with iPad’s 8,099 two months after launch, Distimo says.

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