Autosport Magazine Expects New Android App To Overtake iOS

Still high on iOS fumes, many media companies have remained slow to roll out on Android, despite the clear market opportunity and despite vague commitments to the platform.

Now, add Haymarket’s UK motorsport magazine Autosport to the slim pickings of publishers with an app on Google’s mobile operating system.

Its app, at £2.99, ($4.81) includes news from various series of motorsport, live F1 text commentary, photo galleries and a 60-year results database; price: £2.99. ($4.81)

The magazine’s website requires a subscription. Subscribers to the site can read site content in the app.

Autosport digital product manage, Jim Foster (via release): “ users have been asking us for months to introduce an Android app to the market, after the successful launch of our iPhone app in July 2010 – and given the huge increases in Android traffic to the website, that’s what we did.

“In February, received more than six times more Android traffic than the same period last year and we anticipate that, in the not-too-distant future, it will become the number-one mobile platform for our users.”