A&N Fancies Free Amongst Paid Mobile Line-Up

DMGT’s A&N Media is feeling its way through paid and free strategies in mobile media.

After adding a free, ad-supported option to its subscription Mail Online app and announcing it will use the same model for next week’s iPad edition, A&N has now taken the £0.59 price off its Bamboozle quiz app.

Instead, the app, which is based on the old 4-Tel Teletext game, is inserting a number of pay-for, £0.59 quiz packs on various themes.

Everyone has seen how free games like FarmVille can generate in-app micropayment millions, something Angry Birds is now trying as well.

Games are different from news content, of course. Mail Online MD James Bromley recently told paidContent:UK he is adding free options to paid mobile because “the scale of daily use made ad funded an option”.

But free is not the way across the board for A&N Media, whose Metro Apps brand has several other pay-for apps.