CNN Brings Its Mobile App To Android

Bit by bit, media companies are finally embracing the smartphone platform that’s more popular than iOS.

CNN, which was amongst the first on to the flagship Android tablet device, is now due to launch its Android phone app this week.

Just as the tablet app was broadly the same as the iPad one, this is basically the equivalent of CNN’s iPhone app, which allows for upload of phone photos and videos to CNN iReport, albeit with Android’s desktop widgets and enhanced sharing for stories.

CNN Mobile VP Louis Gump tells paidContent: “The Android platform is growing rapidly. Android users also often tend to be comfortable with other platforms including TV and desktop computers.”

“From a revenue standpoint, our mobile business will grow primarily through an advertising business model. It is already proving to be a desirable ad platform even at launch. The combination of CNN’s audience and mobile content consumption have helped us to show strong financial momentum in a premium branded environment.