Napster Is A Worthy New Challenger In Unlimited Mobile Music

To Spotify, We7, Radio and Mog and the rest of the subscription mobile unlimited-music services, now add Napster.

Napster today releases its iOS and Android apps, which debuted in the U.S. a few months back, in the UK, including unlimited mobile streaming of 15 million tracks plus the ability to save for offline play.

Napster is coming in with the £10-per-month pricepoint that is pretty standard across its competitors. A £5-per–month option is available that allows unlimited streaming only to PCs, internet TVs and home entertainment gadgets.

Notable… Napster – once an illegal pioneer and, later, a worthy if low-profile exponent of legal downloads – is now offering essentially the same service as Spotify and We7…

But there are some nuances in the products. Napster’s app offers discovery methods Spotify’s is lacking, like genre, official UK music charts, radio and new releases. And, unlike Spotify – though in common with Mog and Rdio of the States – on the desktop, Napster can be used on the web, not an application.

Napster doesn’t disclose how many subscribers it has.