Twitter’s UK Build-Out Planned Amid Privacy Spectacle

Twitter may be about to make itself more suable in the UK.

Tony Wang, who “works at Twitter doing deals”, is the first known Twitter employee to relocate from the States to London, ahead of what will soon be the opening of a new Twitter office here…




FT says: “Several reports have suggested that the government has been trying to lure Twitter to Shoreditch as part of its “East London Tech City” scheme. But a Soho or Covent Garden location is also being considered, for proximity to many of the big advertising agencies.

“One property agent told the FT earlier this year that Twitter was looking for space in London for around 60 people, although another person familiar with the discussions said they doubted that the initial headcount was so high.”

Twitter is likely coming to Britain to court advertisers, now that it has chosen to finally build a business from that model.

Last week, a personality filed in London’s High Court against Twitter and its users for revealing his identity, against the terms of an injunction he obtained. On that, Twitter told paidContent:UK: ” “We’re unable to comment.” Speculators will wonder whether the setup of a UK office by the San Francisco company may make such instances more likely in England and Wales.

Over this weekend, a Scottish newspaper named the footballer. The injunction had been obtained in English court.

The UK prime minister has now said the situation in which Twitter users have revealed the personality’s supposed name but professional news media in England and Wales are keeping quiet is “unsustainable“.