T-Mobile Has Invested In App Maker 6Wunderkinder

6Wunderkinder, a Berlin-based startup developing mobile and web apps, has taken an investment of an undisclosed size from T-Ventures, Deutsche Telekom’s investment arm.

So far, the outfit has made Wunderlist, a simple to-do list that works on the web and the main mobile and desktop operating systems. Its next product is called Wunderkit, about which the company is being cryptic but which is dubbed a “modern working and productivity platform”.

6Wunderkinder already took €500,000 from High-Tech Gründerfonds back in December for the project.

T-Mobile’s announcement ont he funding is vague – it says Wunderlist has been “massively popular” but doesn’t quantify the claim (it’s half a million, according to 6Wunderkinder) – and it doesn’t say how much it’s investing.

It does, however, claim Berlin is “Europe’s new centre for hot tech startups” – something which will rankle with the clique which is trying to make London’s “Silicon Roundabout” Europe’s tech capital.