In London Riots, Content Burns, Twitter Heaves

Sony DADC disc distribution warehouse burned down: “(It) housed the entire inventory of PIAS UK, the primary distribution hub for more than 150 independent (music) labels … all inventory is feared lost.” Pitchfork, Wired.

— Sympathetic onlookers are mobilising fans to buy digital tracks and a fundraiser


— After the finger pointed at Twitter, some users coordinated anti-riot response with #RiotCleanup and CatchALooter. Techcrunch.

— Police are posting photos of alleged criminals on Flickr and their websites.

— The riots have beaten the previous UK traffic spike, accounting for one in every 170 UK website views. Hitwise.

— BBC Newsnight economics editor Paul Mason, who has been reporting excellently on the network effects of financial protest lately, writes “20 reasons why it’s all kicking off everywhere“.

— People are searching for “Mark Duggen”, the man whose death is said to have sparked the original Tottenham incidents. Hitwise.

— Teens want BlackBerries, not iPhones. paidContent
Why has BlackBerry been blamed? Wired

— Home entertainment electronics and clothing are amongst the items being looted from stores.