Netmums Owner AuFeminin Sees Growing Profit, Overseas Expansion

The new owner of the Netmums community plans to buy up more sites.

Axel Springer’s auFeminin women’s network bought the UK site earlier in August.

Today, it reports half-year net income is 15 percent up from last year at €5.6 million. And growth is accelerating – for the most recent quarter, auFeminin is almost a quarter up from last year.

AuFeminin says Netmums’ 700,000-strong audience made it a €3.1 million turnover in 2010/11. It plans to integrate it ith its site (one of several auFeminin variants across Europe) to unleash pan-European advertising campaigns.

AuFeminin takes most of its money from advertising, but its fastest-growing segment is its Smart AdServer itself – ad technology which has 250 customers for a total of 1,500 websites on four continents.

It’s not clear how much cash the publisher has. But CEO Sauty de Chalon tells Reuters: “We do not want to sit on a gold heap. English is clearly the language in which we need to develop.” Right now, less than one percent of auFeminin’s audience comes from English-speaking countries.

German Springer bought paris-based auFeminin in 2007.