Updated: Yahoo Stock Watch: Investors React Favorably To Bartz’s Exit

Carol Bartz’s exit is the best thing to happen to Yahoo’s stock in a week.

Update: Yahoo’s stock closed at 13.61 on Wednesday afternoon, up 5.4 percent from yesterday’s close at 12.91.

After closing at 12.91 before Bartz announced she had been fired on Tuesday, Yahoo’s stock opened 6.3 percent up at 13.73 on Wednesday morning…

That returned it to about the same level it was about a week ago, after which it had slumped low to 12.50 this week.

After opening, the price then reached higher, up nearly eight percent from the previous night to 13.94. But, by 10am, it had slid back to rest below the day’s opener – yet still up on the previous day.

Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) stock is currently 3.42 percent higher than when Bartz was hired on January 13, 2009.

By this May, the stock was up 42 percent under Bartz’s watch. But it then slid chronically, precipitating her downfall.

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