France Telecom, Everything Everywhere See Revenues Decline

France Telecom’s Q3 profit dipped by 5.2 percent to €3.99 billion. All regions in which it operates except Spain turned in negative results.

The operator’s homeland led the dip on 4.6 percent lower revenue, which it blamed partly on “iPhone 4 calenderisation effect”, on slower SMS, voice and roaming income, and on declining home phone line connections.

Spain has now outperformed for four consecutive quarters.

Everything Everywhere, the JV that now houses France Telecom’s Orange UK and Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile UK, also saw revenue dip by 4.3 percent, with data and SMS revenue growing 14 percent to comprise 42 percent of average per-customer revenue.

Its CEO Olaf Swantee says this is “is in line with our current expectations … we have the lowest customer churn in the industry”. This month, Everything Everywhere is finally allowing 3G data roaming between Orange and T-Mobie.

France Telecom (NYSE: FTE) says European Commission-levelled regulations capping roaming rates knocked €188 million off its Q3 revenue.