Wee Motion Plus: Digital Marketing In The Men’s Room

Eat your heart out, Kinect, Move and Wii – the list of new video game controllers just got its weirdest addition yet.

London startup Captive Media’s new Captive8 system is a video game screen for men’s bathrooms that hosts branded games controlled by patrons’ bladder emissions.

Ubiquity Communications, the PR agency which gave paidContent the news, assures us this is not an early April Fool. The device has been implemented for trial in a Cambridge pub and has now gone live in a Soho, London, bar.

“It’s taken three years of research and development to get to this point,” the company says. “Gents can control the games – such as the quiz game ‘Clever Dick’ – simply by moving their stream left and right. Tapping-in to men’s innate competitiveness, scores can be posted to an online leader board and to Twitter.”

Captive Media wants to use the screens, when not occupied by games, to show advertisements.