Spotify Announcing ‘A New Direction’ Next Week; What Is It?

Spotify has invited press to an intriguing “global press conference” in New York next Wednesday, November 30, to answer the question “What’s next for Spotify?”

“At Spotify, we continually strive to innovate and deliver exciting new experiences for our users,” Spotify tells paidContent.

“In New York on November 30th, we are holding our first press conference to unveil the latest major development from Spotify – and a new direction for the company. The press event will be hosted by CEO and Founder Daniel Ek, along with special guests.”

A “new direction” and “major developments” are not the kind of words Spotify usually throws around lightly, so paidContent expects more than run of the mill news. We will be covering the event, which will also be live streamed to London.

Here are some things I expect…

  • U.S. user and subscriber numbers
  • Facebook integration numbers

And here is some speculation of the kind you frequently find in tech journalism…

  • An iPad app, finally, with more discovery features
  • Device and carrier partners
  • Asia-Pacific launch announcement
  • Access to more media, ie. movies, TV, books
  • Further Facebook integration, a proper role for Sean Parker
  • A new template for working with indie labels
  • Acquisition? Spotify has more or less proven itself and is emerging out of startup mode – but still an acquisition now would be surprising