The Lesser-Spotted Android Magazine: Future’s T3

Here’s something you don’t see every day… a publisher putting aside grumbles about the platform and actually launching on Android.

Future has debuted its gadget magazine T3 for Android tablets. Developed in Woodwing, it’s designed to look and operate just like the iPad counterpart that has proved so popular.

Content owners have been slower to embrace Android than iOS despite the former’s market edge. Whilst Android tablets sorely lag iPad sales and slickness, developers often seem overly pessimistic about Android as a platform, and tablet sales may pick up this year.

T3’s Android edition is priced at £2.99 and is free to print subscribers.

The Economist and Autosport magazines and CNN are three of the few others to be present on the platform.

Future has three interactive editions on iPad and recently unleashed around 60 page-turner replicas on to iTunes Store’s Newsstand section, quickly finding a good-sized audience. Tablets are partly responsible for Future turning its first ever digital profit in 2011.