Google’s German Engine Is Slowing

Google’s Q4 UK revenue rose 21 percent from the previous year to $1 billion, though German revenue growth slowed during the quarter, the search giant said on Thursday.

“We continue to see strong performance in the Americas,” SVP Nikesh Arora told analysts. “However, generally, country growth rates are flat or softened slightly partly due to comparisons with a very strong Q4 in 2010.

“Western Europe was broadly stable as the U.K., France and Italy held steady, while Spain accelerated slightly for the third quarter in a row. However, revenue growth in Germany slowed this quarter. Our key emerging countries continued to see rapid growth across all of our product areas.”

The German news may surprise those who often regard Germany as Europe’es strongest economy, and Spain amongst its most vulnerable.

Non-U.S. countries made up 53 percent of Google’s $10.58 billion Q4 revenue, and the UK made up around a tenth of the total.

Share price fell in after-hours trading because Google (NSDQ: GOOG) earnings-per-share underperformed analysts’ expectations. Traffic acquisition costs also increased slightly. See our full report.