Amazon will review Kindle newspaper submission after all

Days after it told one publisher it had indefinitely suspended the programme to approve its Kindle newspaper edition submission, Amazon has suddenly relented.

Last week, Scotland’s Herald & Times Group grumbled publicly that, after two months spent revising the edition it submitted it January, Amazon said it had frozen the approval system for new Kindle periodicals, meaning the edition would never see light of day.

But, just three days later, the publisher’s grumbles have shifted things. “We’re delighted to say that they have now agreed to get The Herald edition up and running as soon as they can,” the company writes.

Amazon had denied the Herald & Times Group’s claim that Amazon had frozen the periodicals submission programe worldwide, saying it could not immediately add new newspaper editions for every publisher.

Those publishers who want quicker addition should launch an app edition for Kindle Fire through Amazon Appstore, Amazon told paidContent.

Herald & Times Group is operated by Gannett’s Newsquest.

Its edition is now expected to go live in two to three weeks. It’s unclear how many other publishers like it, if any, might be stuck in the same situation.