The hyperlinked book: Random House plugs Nesbo in to Small Demons

Readers of Scandinavian crime fiction can now revel in the music, movies, art and other artefacts of the morbid genre, too.

Random House has signed an agreement to be the first UK partner to Small Demons, a website that lets readers browse through artefacts found in novels.

It is starting the relationship by creating a site presence for its author Jo Nesbo.

The Nesbo pages on Small Demons, like those for other authors, list the author’s books, together with places, people, music, movies, TV and radio shows, art, food, newspapers, clothes and more found in those books.

LA-based Small Demons crawls e-book text to pull out and process these nodes as explorable artefacts. Those books can be purchased through links to several off-site affiliates.

It’s a pretty smart idea, and one of several new companies trying to inject a digital data layer on top of the narrative reading experience.