Vevo’s phantom endorsement pushes Ouya past $6m pledged

Media operators’ default strategy in digital is “we want to be on as many devices as possible”. Now that extends to boxes that don’t even exist yet.

Music video service Vevo on Wednesday announced it a partnership with Ouya, the proposed video game console that has been drawing pledges far above its Kickstarter goal over the last month.

Vevo’s announcement would be typical of those made by services trumpeting their glorious arrival on real-life devices, like iPad or Xbox – carriage deals which can grow their audience. But Ouya doesn’t exist yet; its developers plan for a March 2013 release.

What’s more, Vevo would not confirm whether what they were announcing amounts to actual bundled carriage on the Ouya, if and when it ships.

Game developers Square Enix and Red 5 had already pledged to take their products to the console. The OnLive cloud gaming service has also committed support.

Vevo’s announcement was easy to make since its tie-up with Ouya, which will be Android-powered, will mean little more than Vevo gaining carriage for its existing Android app on the console.

So what does it really amount to?

Ouya’s soaraway fundraising success has made it either a viable future platform for content and game operators to embrace, or a press release bandwagon to hop on.

Even in the event of the latter, however, Vevo’s announcement – together with the others – certainly validates the developers’ efforts, and speaks to plenty of demand for the console.

Minutes after the announcement, Ouya pledges on Kickstarter passed $6 million – beyond the $950,000 goal set on July 3 – with one week to go.

There is now plenty of excitement for the Ouya console, which promises a low $99 price, hackability and a route for indie game makers to the living room, not just mobile. Some services already appear keen to satisfy their urge.