turns business cards digital as London VCs get excited about exits, a much-lauded east London start-up that makes, well, business cards, has decided it wants to be as digital as the rest of the companies surrounding it.

It is buying up, a service that lets anyone creating a personal identity web landing page, for an undisclosed cash sum.

The acquisition is from HiiDef, a holding company for and Goodsie, an equivalent, ecommerce-centric web page creator, and is called an “asset sale”, including the website, brand, technology, IP and customers.

So much will has there been around east London to create a “start-up scene” that even, which prints business cards and postcards, has long been regarded as a digital champion. But it makes sense that, the more people become frustrated with giving and receiving pieces of cardboard, diversifies how it represents their identity.

The UK government, which goes on courting east London’s technology sphere, on Thursday announced it would introduce a new, easier way for such companies to float on the city’s stock market.

At the announcement event – from which, details were scant – UK science minister David Willets lined up alongside investors from Seedcamp, Passion Capital and backer Index Ventures, all of whom stand to gain from exiting such companies to the public markets if it is made easier to do so.

Full details are not expected until year’s end.