Sales growth outpacing audience growth at world’s biggest online newspaper

Last week, Mail Online – which overtook’s readership in December – hailed passing the 100 million monthly uniques milestone.

On Tuesday, its publisher DMGT said digital revenue in its Associated Newspapers division, which contains MailOnline and, grew 72 percent in the last 11 months.

That is against the 41 percent increase which rocketed MailOnline’s traffic from 74.9 million monthly uniques a year ago.

Whilst MailOnline’s blend of celeb outrage is fast garnering clicks, it is starting from a lower commercial success base, relative to other publishers with fewer readers. The site funds itself with display ads and recently became profitable.

DMGT did not disclose detailed earnings in Tuesday’s interim update. But in April it said MailOnline was likely to make £25 million ($40 million) in revenue for the year. That will likely be closer to £30 million now.

Much of the growth is because MailOnline has put sales teams in place to sell ads to US readers of its website.