Research: Apple pulling ahead of Samsung in mobile advertising stakes

Anyone watching TV, listening to radio, reading a publication and browsing a site lately can’t have failed to notice that Samsung’s advertising budget is ginormous.

But, when it comes to other companies’ ads run on its mobile devices, Samsung is still lagging behind Apple.

Apple devices consolidated their place at the head of the mobile advertising pack during Q3, when they gained a further three percent of mobile ad impressions, while Samsung gained one percent, according to a quarterly report from mobile ad firm Adfonic.

That gave Apple and Samsung, respectively, 37 percent and 24 percent of all mobile ad impressions tracked by Adfonic. The share they gained was matched by the share lost by RIM devices…

Adfonic CEO Victor Malachard (via release): “It is significant that, even though Samsung is making huge inroads in device ownership and gaining mobile advertising share, it is still losing ground to Apple.

And these results don’t take into account the impact of new Apple devices such as the iPhone 5, the iPad Mini and the new iPad, which will be felt during Q4.”